Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Welcome To F1 Street

My F1 Story

I started watching F1 from a very young age, but it was in 2005 that I really got into it. I was a supporter of the Renault team for a while (particularly Fernando Alonso). I've been watching it ever since. I'm a bigger F1 fan right now than I ever have been! I love it!

This Blog

I saw other F1 blogs, and was inspired by them to start one of my own. Go and read the blogs that inspired me at,

I will try to post regularly, mostly about F1, but sometimes about other motorsports too (BTCC, IndyCar, GP2 etc.) 

I hope you really enjoy this blog, and please encourage others to read it :-D




  1. What does everyone think?? Please tell so I know what do change!

  2. Really enjoyed reading your first and second blog entries. I think its a great idea to include other motor sports, rather than just F1, (and it is certainly something I will be doing!) A wider audience is a better audience!
    I look forward to seeing more interesting posts in the future.

    1. Thanks!! I look forward to reading your blog too!


About Me

I love F1,so started a blog about it. Follow me on Twitter at @FakeSauber. Please comment!!