Wednesday, 13 June 2012

F1 etc

F1etc is a Twitter hashtag and website ran by Duurt Dijkman (@kolhamsterdamf1), Dennis Van Den Enden (@vandenendenf1) and Ron Kwik (@Ronf1etc). It aims to bring you the latest news quicker than anyone else, and due to it having all the latest driver/team etc. tweets, it should manage this. It is a very good site, so check here FIRST for your F1 news!!

I got in touch with Duurt, and he agreed to answer a few questions so that people undserstand F1etc better.

What is F1etc, and what is the idea behind it??

F1etc will become a site for F1 news but next to that we also want to inform viewers of other news from the world of motorsport. That is why the name is F1 etcetera, F1etc for short.

How did it get started??

 I (Duurt) have Facebook and thru that medium i post little things from the world of F1 that isn't on any other site. I mean things like tweets from Heikki Kovalainen telling he planned to go play golf that day, sometimes even with a picture. People asked me if i didn't want to start an own website with just that kind of things on there, but i had no idea how. By that time i became friends with Dennis and he knew someone who could help build a website. We three got together and created a medium that could become the first thing you look for before you would go to any other site. Just like the top of a pyramid. All kinds of news but then directly from the people themselves. This could be done thru twitter, so we use that as a base.

Where do you plan to go with it next??

 The idea is that for this season we stay basic and bring you the news from all drivers, teams and journo's of the world of motorsport. Next season we will try and get some sponsoring so that we, or one of us, can go to some races and give you our point of view thru an article. Of course we want to involve the viewers aswell by giving them the oppertunity to use our forum or send us their version of a race-review. If we three like it enough, we can even put in on the site. But that's the future.

How good is the teamwork between the 3 of you??

The teamwork is very good. We all know what we want and have the same vision as to how we would like it to become. Although Ron is more the "behind the scenes guy", he to is an important part of the three musketeers.

Have there been any difficult points along the road??

 I can only speak for myself but my only difficult point is the fact that Ron and Dennis live not far from each other but i live a good 2hr drive away. Thank god for phone, facebook, mail and twitter.

Thanks Duurt for being willing to do this!

Visit the website at
Follow the guys on Twitter,
Duurt- @kolhamsterdamf1
Dennis- @vandenendenf1
Ron- @Ronf1etc

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