Monday, 18 June 2012

F1 leavers- Where are they now?

7 drivers left F1 last year, some of them we are still hearing of (Barrichello, Buemi) and some are like where on earth are they?? This article will tel you what these 7 have got up to since leaving F1.

Rubens Barrichello

Everyone knows that Rubens is now in IndyCar. There was talk at first of him leaving out the ovals, but in an interview, he called that "chicken". He picked up "Best Rookie" at the Indy 500, which I was happy to see him being successful and happy.

Sebastian Buemi

Another well-known story. Sebastian moved to sportscars to compete in the WEC for Toyota. He competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours but his car was retired with problems. He seems to be happy in sportscars and could stay there if no other F1 opportunities come up.

Jarno Trulli

Trulli was going to be driving for Caterham in 2012, but was replaced late by a "pay driver" suspect. He said this was a dissapointing end to his F1 career. He has no racing seat just now, but attends F1 races in the Caterham paddock.

Adrian Sutil

Oh dear. Sutil was convicted of assaulting Genii Capital CEO Eric Lux in January. He was given an 18 month suspended prison sentence and a 200'000Euro fine to be given to charity

Vitantonio Liuzzi

After being replaced by Karthikeyan at HRT for 2012,  he joined the Superstars Touring Car Series in Italy, with a 2nd in Round 1 at Monza, and winning the 2nd round of the season.

Jaime Algersuari

Toro Rosso got rid of both Jaime and Buemi for 2012, Algersuari joined the BBC F1 team, joining James Allen on BBC Radio 5 Live, as the expert summariser.

Jerome D'Ambrosio

Popularly known as "Custard", D'Ambrosio was left without a seat at Marussia for 2012. He managed to stay in F1 as Lotus' 3rd driver though, and he joined Sky F1 to be a co-commentator for practice sessions

So now you know where they are, do you hope to see any of them back in F1??

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will continue to. :-)

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