Tuesday, 26 June 2012

F1 Street Weekly: 19 June - 26 June

This blog is now 2 weeks old, and this this my weekly update on this blogs' happenings.

I will admit, this has been a pretty quiet week for my blog, only 2 articles coming since I did my Week 1 roundup!

Despite this, I have started a new feature for qualifying and race for every race weekend. It's called "Pick Of The Bunch", and what happens is, I pick 3 drivers to cover each weekend. Then I do a review on these 3 drivers for quali and race. I was trying to be different from the usual "wekkend reports".

Since I recieved positive feedback for this feature, I will continue for the rest of the season!

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Quali

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Race

Thanks to all my readers once again. I will keep posting. Goodbye for now!

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