Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Interview with Charlotte Eyre

You may not have heard of Charlotte Eyre now, but you might pretty soon. Her goal is to one day race in BTCC, and with a support series drive available, that goal is becoming closer.

We have asked her a few questions about her racing life (which can get quite busy)

For people who haven't heard of it (yet!), can you explain what #Charlee4BTCC is all about??

#Charlee4BTCC is my hashtag for people to get to know who I am in the world of racing. I aimed for F1 to dtart with but the opportunity came for a Ginetta seat in 2013. So i want to go into BTCC. It's also a way of sponsors seeing me I guess! I have my friends to thank for the hashtag, or as they think they are, "The Webteam"

What do you have to do to get the Ginetta seat??

I've done it in two ways. One is the scholarship programme that is being run in July. It's "cheap" and worth the money you pay. To do it the other way is I do know people within Ginetta personally so they put in a good word for me. Nothing is confirmed though.

Have you ever driven a BTCC car??

No... Never driven a car to be honest with you! But I have Paul O'Neill coaching me when he can and I have others helping me. That's why I'm wanting to do Ginetta then move up to BTCC! All fun and games!!

How important are your friends and family for support??

My family support has been great! My Dad is the one who races karts with me. My mum supports me and the rest have all been behind me! My friends on the other hand haven't been as supportive. About 8 have stayed with me. Everyone else tells me to go back to hockey. But i do both. Support is key in a persons success in my eyes!

Is it sometimes hard to find time for both sports??

It is... Most weekends I'm off playing hockey for my town team or for Staffordshire. But staying that, playing hockey helps with my fitness levels for my racing. Even though I go to the gym, I still need that extra push. I have had a weekend before where the Saturday was filled full of racing with two karting races. Then the Sunday was filled with a hockey match and practice session

Follow Charlotte on Twitter at @CharlotteEyre18
You can follow her road to BTCC at @Charlee4BTCC
There is a blog about it at

Wish Charlotte well in her road to BTCC!!

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