Sunday, 5 August 2012

Twitter Poll: Top 10 Circuits

After a while of Twitter nagging people to answer this poll, the top 10 will finally be revealed!!

So here it is, in full HD (ish), the top 10 Twitter people that follow me circuits top list poll vote result!

=6 Suzuka- 4 votes

The Japanese GP destination for the last few years is the first of the (BIG) bunch at =6, we have seen some dramatic races there over the years (notably the DRENCHED 2010).

=6 Sao Paulo- 4 votes

Home to many thrilling season-ending Brazilian GPs, Sao Paolo circuit is also favored by 4 people!!

=6 Nurburgring- 4 votes

Whether it's the 13 mile Nordschleife, or the GP circuit, the Nurburgring is one of the world's finest circuits! Home to the German GP (alternate with Hockenheim, not in the top 10) and the Nurburgring 24H, it is also one of the most renowned!

=6 Melbourne- 4 votes

Ok, you're probably getting a bit bored of =6 circuits, but now we have Melbourne! The half-street circuit is home to the Australian GP, which has opened our F1 season for many years now!

=6 Le Mans- 4 votes

The last 6= (thank goodness) and the legend that is Le Mans. Home to the LM 24 hours, argubaly the toughest, best race in the world, this track is long, fast, and VERY dangerous!!

=4 Monza- 5 votes

Yep, yet more = tracks. Monza has been favored over the last bunch! Maybe because of it's history, it's thrilling races, the speed of it. Monza is a great track which hosts great Italian GPs!!

=4 Montreal- 5 votes

The other half-street circuit along with Melbourne, although this was more popular. Home to the Canadian GP, which has seen some of the best GPs of recent times!

3 Silverstone- 6 votes

Finally, a track that isn't =!! Silverstone was voted 3rd by a (mostly) British group! The British GP brings fans like no other, and a race like no other too!

2 Monaco- 15 votes

A MASSIVE leap in votes for the top 2, and the ultimate street circuit, home of the Monaco GP (my persona favourite GP) comes 2nd to...............

1 Spa- 22 votes

Yes, you have voted Spa as your favourite circuit!! With 7 more votes than even Monaco, and 16 more than 3rd placed Silverstone, it has won easily. The Belgian GP is always a fans favourite, and it's something to look forward to, after the summer break!

Thanks for reading!!

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