Monday, 6 August 2012

An Update

I am now back and (hopefully) better than ever before! Please comment on what you think, as this is helpful to me, so I know what I can do better :-)

Here's some of my ideas for the future:

Have another Twitter poll

Do an article on the teams I miss the most

Have a HUGE COUNTDOWN of some sort!!

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Thanks for reading1


  1. Nice to see you back on the blog! Very interesting poll, and it is nice to see some of your interesting ideas, which are original unlike just news stories!
    Very original, although I would suggest dimming the colour scheme. It may well be that I have not got enough light in this room, but after a while I began to develop a slight headache! Probably just me!
    I really enjoy reading, and look forward to new posts in the future! :D


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