Monday, 17 September 2012

Josh Bohn: Italian GP Review

Lewis Hamilton dominated the Italian grand prix at monza, putting him in second place in the drivers world championship! Sergio Perez took advantage of the tyres to take home the second place trophy, while the Ferraris of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa took third and fourth respectively. My drivers of the day goes to... Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez. Yes that's two drivers, but I feel it would be unfair not to give the people the credit they deserve! However I feel that this race calls for a look at the stewards decisions. For example, The rules say that if a driver goes offline to defend they must stay offline and not move back onto the racing line again (Or something like that) I.E. One move! It appeared as though several drivers broke that rule, and given that Seb was given a drive through penalty for defending (Albeit aggressively) Surely action should have been taken. Or at least investigated. So Alonso still leads with Hamilton in second and, despite not having won a race yet, Raikkonen is an impressive third! In two weeks Formula 1 heads off to Singapore for... err... The Singapore Grand Prix! Get ready to yawn.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Josh Bohn: Belgian GP Review

Crash! That was the scene at the first corner of the Belgian grand prix at Spa. And it was from the first corner that Jenson Button Led to the flag, winning by an impressive margin! Good, that's the winners story covered, now for the rest of the pack. Vettel took a resurgent second place from 10th, and Kimi took 3rd. Nico Hulkenberg was a superb 4th for Force India, from 11th on the grid! Massa did well to take 5th. Although what would Alonso have done if he had finished? We will never really know. But my driver of the race (Apart from the dominant Button) Was Bruno Senna, who proved he was a man who would be hard to pass! Much like his uncle.No matter how much Vettel or Massa tried, they found it difficult to find a way past! But unfortunately a slow puncture stopped him from converting great driving into a points finish! In my opinion Williams would be stupid to sack Senna, because he is bringing the car home in one piece, and capable of winning consistently. But lets talk about penalties, as several drivers got them. Romain got a 1 race ban for dangerous driving: Fair, because he drove dangerously at the start. Pastor received two 5 place grid penalties, 1 for his jump start and another for causing a collision. both of which are fair. So at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso still leads the drivers championship, but Vettel in second closed the gap. Formula 1 now heads to Monza, for the Italian Grand Prix. I Cant wait!

Penalty Overload??

Have the stewards gone mad?? In years gone by, things like this would go without penalty... (in the video, Andrea De Cesaris nearly takes out Mansell while being lapped!)

Meanwhile, in 2012, this means a hefty fine???

I'm sorry, but I think the stewards are dishing out far too many penalties. F1 has lost a factor of excitement in that drivers are now scared to go for moves in fear of contact and a penalty. I understand that there are serious incidents that need penalised (Maldonado repeated offences etc.) but come on stewrads, give the drivers a break!

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